Hold My Breath

Hold my Breath

Someone come to my Im’s when i just walking around at a Shopping Event. She complimented me ” You are so beautiful, You just done excellent with your avatar”. Smiles and i thank to her. Then she ask me, ” Do you mind if i ask, What are u wearing that makes u look so pretty?.

No, i dont mind at all…for me “If you want to be ORIGINAL then you should ready to be COPY” then i tell to her anything she want to know about my look…..

My head is CATWA Bento Kimberly by Catwa Clip
My skin is l’ETRE Adachi by L’Etre
And this beautiful Fave Hair is “DENAE” Sponsored by ICONIC avalaible now @POSE FAIR 2017 BRUNETTE AREA Yellow Shutters : Middle right of sim
And im wearing CUTE BOW NAIL for Maitreya Sponsored SLack Girl @ ON9 Event Venue June Round

Thank you ♥

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