My Sunshine

My sunshine

Here are three exclusives for the upcoming
Winter Trend event:
Fur Jacket- Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Venus/Isis/Freya/8 colors/140L
Silky Cami- Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Venus/Isis/Freya/16 colors/99L
Distressed Denim Skirt- Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Venus/Isis/Freya/8 colors/140L

Petite Mort Black Silky Cami Maitreya
Petite Mort Black Leopard Fur Jacket Maitreya
Petite Mort Stone wash Distressed Denim Maitreya

Astralia Regina Nail for Maitreya
NYU Laced-Top Leather Boot Midnite Maireya ON9 Event Venue

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