Miss Sub and Mr Dom

Miss Submasive and her Dom

I probably the last person you’d expect to talk about bondage, whips, chains, or any kind of violence in the bedroom. Yes… i hate to see men torturing women.. make them scream and bleeding..

But then, i watched a movie Fifty shades of Grey movie . I was so curious and it got my interest.
So i’d like to know better about BDSM style. Perhaps i will try it one day, with the right person who i trust { in Second life)

Then… i start to dig some information about this issue in order to figure it out. I read about Dominant and Submissive , I’ve become friends with doms, sadists, masochists, dommes, subs, and more importantly really great people. They told me about their experiences, not just in second life, but also in their first life. And how to properly protect my self if one day i come into BDSM.

Some sims in Sl have pretty scenes for BDSM.. Like Chamber Society, ELysion, Corruption, The Bay, and many more…
I saw many Girl dressed as Submissive… And Men.. act as Dom or.. pretend to be a Dom to attracts girls to be their Sub. Sometime in my mind.. I questioned..“How do we protect women who don’t know what they’re doing, if they come here looking for a dom?”

Some believe this lifestyle as ” To trains your mind and body to surrender..
and give control to a Dom who wants to meet your needs and protect you”

Well maybe for SL it is fun to role play as Dom and Sub.. but for real life, i will say.. its too danger and high risk..but its all depend how they have agreement about the limit in a Contract as Dom and Sub.

This pict taken at one of Beautiful SL sim [Elysion]

Special thanks to my SL sis, who shared her experiences on BDSM in her real life..♥
And big thanks to Dean as my model, helping me a lot and teach me ♥

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