I hate you, i love you..

I hate you.. i love you..

Feeling used but i’m still missing you..
and i cant see the end of this.. just wanna feel your kiss againts my lips
and now all this time is passing by.. but i still can’t seem to tell u why..
it hurts me everytime i see you.. realize how much i need you..
i hate you i love you i hate that i love you
dont want to, but i can’t put nobody else above you!
i hate you i love you i hate that i want you!
you want her you need her, and i’ll never be her 🙂
all alone i watch you watch her
like she’s the only girl you’ve ever seen
you don’t care you never did
you don’t give a damn about me
how is it you’ll never notice..
that you are slowly killing me


This beautiful song I hate you i love you i hate that i need you with a dramatic lyric inspired me for this pic..

I wear an elegant Strapless dress with jacket from .Method. at TRES CHIC
And Sandal Brenda Royal from Chicchica at ON9
Divanopka gift hair from Bold & Beauty at Hair Fair 2016
And PariHead Jewel from Baubles! by Phe at ON9

and special thanks for Winter ♥

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